Internationale Kunst Heute
Internationale Kunst Heute

International art today!

"Internationale Kunst Heute":


High-quality art volumes, 21 x 29.7 cm, hardcover of collectors' quality, with contemporary artists from 54 countries.


The books are nominated for the "German Design Award 2016"!


The volumes present 2 - 3 works of each artist on a double-page supplemented by a professional reflection of the work by Dr. Ingrid Gardill. In the appendix all artists are listed with their name, phone number, email, website and photo.


(Look inside the volume 2015: or click on the book on VOLUME 2015)


(Look inside the volume 2014: or click on the book on VOLUME 2014)


Artists from various areas of the visual arts – painting, mixed media, drawing, photography, digital art, urban art, sculpturing and installation – are invited to submit an application for the volume 2016: APPLICATION.

A careful selection will be carried out by a jury ABOUT US/JURY to ensure high quality.



Der German Design Award ist der internationale Premiumpreis der Stiftung Rat für Formgebung (Foundation German Design Council)
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