How do I apply?


Send us 4-8 photos of your works of art (min 2 MB each). All works must be produced by the artist him(her)self. The artist has all rights of ownership and publication. After the application deadline the selected artists will be notified by e-mail.


Is there an application fee?


No, the application is free. Only the artists who are selected by the jury will be obliged to buy 2 copies of the book.


What is the quality of the photos to be sent to you by e-mail?


The book will be of very high quality. To ensure best possible printing of your works of art, it is necessary for you to send photos in .jpg or .tif format, minimum of 300 dpi (the longest side being approx. 20 cm). The photos should be a minimum of 2 MB per photo, frameless if possible.


Neither quality nor colour of the photos will be treated in any way by our team. The only exception may be the removal of a frame. The photo will be printed exactly as it is sent in!


Important:  Please mark each file with your name, the title of the artwork, the size in cm and the technique, e.g. „Karin Meier, Hope, 60 x 80 cm, oil on canvas“. If the quality of the photo sent in is not sufficient, then either the photo will be printed smaller or you will be e-mailed by us to send in a better photo.

The artist's photo  should be 500 KB and only black/white.

Please send all photos as an attachment in your e-mail.


What advantage is there for me to appear in the book?


If you appear in the book then you will have a great marketing advantage and you will be able to introduce yourself and your works of art to a very large public in a very short time. Your works will appear in a very high-quality book on a double-page including an additional professional art review for each artist and the publishing of your personal data. In addition, the whole book is published on our website!

The cost of purchase of the book for you is much less than the cost of conventional advertising and potential buyers will discover you more easily.
As well, your works of art will be more attractive for art collectors if they are published in this manner. In addition, the name of each artist will appear on the website so that they can be more easily contacted.


What areas of contemporary art will be covered?


Painting, drawing, mixed media, sculpturing, photography, digital art, street art, urban art, installation.


What will the layout be like?

2 - 3 works of each artist will appear on a glossy double-page. One of these will cover a whole page, if possible. There will be in addition a professional art commentary for each artist by Dr. Ingrid Gardill (in german language).

In the appendix there will be an index listing each artist with their photo, name, address, telephone number, website and e-mail address.


Who does the layout and the printing?


We are working with a team of professional and very experienced graphic artists and printers in Germany.


Do I retain my copyright for my works of art?


Yes, all artists retain their copyright for their works of art which are not allowed to be copied or reproduced without their permission.


Can I apply without a website?


Yes, of course. The application is sent in by e-mail to so that you can e-mail us your photos whether you have a website or not. You only have to have an e-mail address so that we can contact you.


Can I send you photos of my art through the post affice?


Unfortunately not. Only digital photos sent by e-mail will be accepted.


Why can I not be allowed more than 1 double-page?


For us it is important that all artists have the same initial conditions regardless of status, wealth or success. For reasons of fairness all artists will have the same amount of space and will be listed in the index in alphabetical order.


Is it possible to apply for only one single page instead of a double-page?


No, every artist gets a double-page.


I would like to apply but am unable to pay for the two copies of the book if I am chosen!


We recommend you find a personal sponsor, e.g. a company or a person, who would like to support you and your progress.


Will there be further volumes?


Yes, it is a whole row of volumes. If at the moment you do not have enough artworks, you can wait and apply for one of the following volumes.


How will the book be distributed?


The book will be sent free of charge to prestigious galleries, art museums, cultural institutions, and to collectors, investors, curators and art enthusiasts, principally in Germany and Europe. It will then also be sold through major bookstores. You will profit from our professional networks!
In addition, the content of the books will be published in full on the internet:, and


When do I have to pay for the two copies?


If you are selected by the jury, you will be notified by e-mail within 30 days after the application deadline. In this e-mail you will be informed how to make the payment, which then should be carried out within 10 days to ensure that your artworks will be printed in „Internationale Kunst Heute“.


How do I make the payment?

  • paypal
  • bank transfer

What happens if the book isn't published?


If for some unforeseeable reason the book is not able to be printed, then your payment will of course be refunded.



What if I have a change of address?


Approx. 4 weeks before the books are sent out, you will receive an e-mail to confirm your address or send in your new address if this is the case.

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