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Dr Ingrid Gardill and Martina Kolle at the stand of ARTMUC, art fair for contemporary art, May 2015

"Internationale Kunst Heute":


High-quality art books, 21 x 29.7 cm (8.3 x 11.7 inches), hardcover, collector’s quality, with spotlack finishing and a ribbon bookmark; full-color reproductions on glossy paper of contemporary artists from all over the world.

Approximate weight 2 kg (4.6 lbs)


The books have been nominated for the premium German Design Award 2016.

(The German Design Award is the international premium prize of the German Design Council, Germany) and are listed in the German National Library


The volumes present 2 - 3 works of each artist on a double-page supplemented by a professional reflection of the work by Dr. Ingrid Gardill. In the appendix all artists are listed with their name, phone number, email, website and photo.


(Look inside the volume 2016: or click on the book on VOLUME 2016)


(Look inside the volume 2015: or click on the book on VOLUME 2015)


(Look inside the volume 2014: or click on the book on VOLUME 2014)


Artists from various areas of the visual arts – painting, mixed media, drawing, photography, digital art, urban art, sculpturing and installation – are invited to submit an application for the volume 2017: APPLICATION.

A careful selection will be carried out by a jury ABOUT US/JURY to ensure high quality.



Der German Design Award ist der internationale Premiumpreis der Stiftung Rat für Formgebung. The German Design Award is the international premium prize of the foundation German Design Council:
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