The Team's Philosophy

All persons involved will work together in a friendly, attentive and respectful manner. These books on international contemporary art and artists will be produced upon this basis along with the highest technical care and precision.

The combination of professional viewing and artistic reflection provides for the best possible appreciation of the participating artists and their works of art.

The jury will be headed by Dr. Ingrid Gardill, an art historian and art critic:

Dr. Ingrid Gardill


The professional commentary on the works of art will be written by Dr. Gardill. She is author, editor and publisher of art knowledge publications. She is an art critic and has written reviews on art exhibits and books.

While living in Berlin, Ingrid Gardill was appointed to the jury of the famous Pankow Gallery and also the Culture Senate of Berlin for many years. As a curator she organizes exhibits of contemporary artists.

The remaining jury is made up of artists and curators.

The team of artists will be headed by Martina Kolle, fine art painter:

Martina Kolle
Der German Design Award ist der internationale Premiumpreis der Stiftung Rat für Formgebung. The German Design Award is the international premium prize of the foundation German Design Council:
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